Dawn Taylor named one of the top 20 dynamic CEOs of 2020

Below is an excerpt from the article from The CEO Mag.

Dawn Taylor has worked in the HR consulting world most of her career which included HR consulting and talent acquisition. “The companies that I worked for only cared about their bottom line,” she says. “I wanted to create a company where the product, people felt nurtured and empowered I wanted to create a company that a person felt more equipped for employment and life than when they entered our doors.” She knew if she built a company and cared about the right things, the money would come, and it did.

Pinnacle Talent Acquisition (PTA) was born almost overnight. Dawn decided to go into business with a colleague that she had known and respected for a decade. Dawn brought her base of business along with skill and expertise and in less than a month the business had doubled on the Talent Acquisition division which she owned. “I wanted to have some knowledge of the finances, I had brought in the bulk of the clients yet was never allowed to see a bank statement, my name was not on the bank accounts etc.,” she shares. “When I started to press for information, I received a call that I had a week to create a company and move my employees before the next payroll, the company money was frozen until accountants could come in.”PTA was formed in 24 hours despite the hardship that Dawn was left in and she has been growing and expanding ever since.

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